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Top 10 Best Digital Gauge Manifolds

As an HVAC technician, you must have encountered a lot of analog gauge manifolds in the field and in your work van. They are essential for all technicians and the work won’t proceed without one. As a technician, a big part of your job and your reputation in front of the client depends on your equipment. 

So, your toolbox always needs to be on point. With all the upgraded and best equipment, you need to have the best gauge manifold as well.

Currently, the digital gauge manifolds are in high demand. It is mainly their precision and convenience which has made them a necessity for modern HVAC technicians. Have a look at the top 10 best digital gauge manifolds and upgrade your toolbox today!

Testo 557 Digital Manifold Kit

Testo Digital Gauge ManifoldFirst on the list is an option from Testo. It is the testo 557 digital manifolds. Testo is a renowned manufacturer of manifold kits.

Known for its accuracy and high-quality features, this manifold kit is essential for every HVAC technician.

Vacuum measurements

For vacuum measurements, the Testo 557 digital kit features a Pirani gauge. This one is an external gauge and is capable of high precision.

It is capable of exceptional quality evacuation, especially when it comes to refrigeration systems.

Temperature-compensated sensors

The provision of two precise sensors in this manifold kit is quite generous. They are capable of calculating the condensation and evaporation temperature with great accuracy.

The Testo Digital 557 manifold kit is known for its super easy functioning among the technicians. The digital display is error-free and when it comes to manual calculations, they are quick and accurate especially the calculation of superheating and subcooling.


The manifold kit is quite equipped with several accessories. The main highlights of the accessories are the 2 clamp temperature probes. Also, there is a set of 4 hoses, a transport case, and an external Pirani gauge, exclusively for vacuum measurement.

It is compatible with a smartphone or any smart device. The in-built Bluetooth adds to your convenience and connectivity of the design.


  • Usage up to 60 refrigerants
  • Automatic heat pump mode
  • Four-way digital manifold
  • Temperature-compensated leakage testing
  • Automatic pressure compensation



  • Simultaneous calculation
  • Excess switching
  • Wide usage


  • Narrow Bluetooth range

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 Fieldpiece SM380V SMAN manifolds

Fieldpiece Digital Gauge ManifoldThe Fieldpiece, just like its name is an important piece of the machine when it comes to fieldwork. Especially the SM380V is a fine digital manifold with a micron gauge. It will make your job, easier and more convenient.

Durable design

The durable, combination casing of this Fieldpiece digital manifold is a result of years of research carried out by Fieldpiece. The casing is robust with a hook as well.

This manifold has an ample room for customization. You can set alarms for high and low evacuation. Also, you get to select all the units of measurement as per your convenience, individually.

Not only this but also the auto shut down is adjustable when it comes to its duration

Data Logging

Data logging in this digital manifold is a very easy task. It can store up to 9 jobs. Before you begin with the logging process, free storage is shown in percentage for your convenience.

Also, you can record for 168 continuous hours, which is approximately 7 days.

Micron gauge

The precision, accuracy, and quick results of this digital manifold are due to the micron gauge. During the job, continuous checking of evacuation levels is made by this micron gauge.

The SM380V from Fieldpiece has one-of-its-kind versatility. With this manifold in your hands, you can excel at several jobs at your workplace. The most prominent one of them is the precise removal of contamination.



  • Sturdy casing
  • Includes hook
  • Water-resistant design
  • Simple data logging
  • Easy download



  • Customizable
  • Easy tightness test
  • Adjustable backlight duration


  • Slightly expensive

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Yellow Jacket P51-860 - Titan Digital Manifold

Yellow Jacket Digital Gauge ManifoldAs an HVAC technician, you must have heard about Yellow Jacket. It is the most used brand in the HVAC equipment market.

All its good repute is due to the amazing products of its equipment. We have the P51-860 model OF Yellow Jacket under discussion.

Temperature measurement

The dual temperature system in the Yellow Jacket is a worth noticing feature. It helps you measure temperature in both the units, °C and F°.

Speaking of other features, there is a backlight to read measurements more conveniently. The battery timing of the gauge system depends on this backlight.

Without the use of this backlight, the battery timing is 80 hours and with its full use, the timing is 5 hours.

Pressure alarms

There is a pressure hold mode. This mode checks and displays the change in vacuum measurements. It also displays the rate of change of pressure.

The in-built pressure alarm starts working when pressure is either on the lower extreme or higher extreme.


The compatibility of a manifold indicates the number of refrigerant systems it is calibrated for. The more that number is, the more versatile a manifold gauge is considered to be.

For the Yellow Jacket P51-860, it is compatible with 126 industrial refrigerant systems.



  • Convenient data logging
  • Portable size
  • Maximum pressure 700 psi
  • 4-way valve block
  • Auto-dimming
  • Bluetooth equipped



  • Good battery timing
  • Robust design
  • Lightweight


  • No micron gauges

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BELEY Refrigeration Digital Manifold HVAC System Gauge Set

Beley Digital Gauge ManifoldAnother name of the trust is BELEY when it comes to digital manifolds, especially the ones that deal with refrigerant systems.

This all-in-one manifold gauge set with a different design from others. Its feature-rich and you will like it, overall.

Quality design

The BELEY manifold gauge set comes in a professional case in which there is separate space for hoses and temperature clamps.

The body is made of plastic; however, the gauge set is covered by silicone. It is non-slip silicone.  Also, the LCD has a backlight for convenient reading of the measurements.

Ease of use

A deep insight into Beley refrigeration digital manifold reviews reveals that it has proved to be a great purchase for the majority of the customers.

The manifold guarantees high precision. The long-life valve switches are also a key feature. You get precise measurements for vacuum measurement, leak measurement, and leak time records. 


This one is exclusively for refrigerant systems. It offers dual temperature readings. There is a built-in refrigerant database that is compatible with 89 industrial refrigerant systems.

You buy this and the majority of your job is sorted. All this versatility is mainly due to ¼-inch standard interface design.



  • Includes temperature clamps
  • Tricolored hoses
  • Pressure leak measurement
  • Durable
  • Slip-free silicone body
  • Value for money
  • Automatic temperature conversion



  • Budget-friendly price
  • Clear LCD
  • Amazing customer service


  • Plastic body

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AUTOOL lm120 Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Meter

Autool Digital Gauge ManifoldNext on the list is yet another amazing manufacturer of manifold gauge meter. It’s the AUTOOL and if you haven’t heard about this brand already, I recommend you give it a try.

Especially, the lm120 digital manifold gauge meter. Designed for the professionals, this won’t disappoint you at all.

Flexible design

The design is made of plastic. It's small and portable. It comes in small packaging and even with the packaging, it can fit in your pocket.

All the measurements taken are highly precise. Thanks to the built-in processing unit and the data acquisition unit. Also, the LCD accounts for a clear display of measurements.

Dual measurement

The AUTOOL manifold gauge meter conveniently provides dual measurements. You can get two pressure readings and simultaneously, two temperature readings at the same time.

The interconversion between measurement units is fully automatic. A durable valve switch adds to the features of this manifold gauge.

Simple operation

Designed especially for refrigeration equipment, this instrument is a complete solution for cold spaces such as refrigerators and air conditioners.

The operation is easy and in simple ways, you can measure vacuum measurement, leak measurement, etc. it also records leak time speed.

It is compatible with 89 refrigerant systems which are very generous for a small gauge manifold to offer.


  • Refrigeration unit specialist
  • Measures double pressure
  • Calculates dual temperature
  • Plastic build
  • Portable



  • Suspension hook included
  • Accurate gauges
  • Cheap price


  • Does not include temperature clamps

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Elitech PT-500&PT-800 Wireless Refrigeration Digital Manifold Gauge Set

Elitech Digital Gauge ManifoldHold on, as the most portable manifold gauge on the list is here. Do you want a widely compatible manifold gauge set for your refrigeration service providing company? If yes, then the Elitech PT series is just the right one for you.

This will be the best gift for your company employees.

Pressure alarm

The pressure alarm can be set for high and low pressures accordingly. The operating pressure for this manifold gauge is 750 psi. however, the maximum pressure is 1000 psi.

All the readings taken on the PT series manifold gauge sets can be transferred to PDF and Excel as well.

Refrigerant system compatibility

Under discussion are PT- 500 and PT- 800. There is a big number of refrigerant profiles with which these two are compatible. Want to know that number? It’s a whopping 140!

Aside from this, Elitech offers a free app (Android and iOS compatible) on which you can monitor and access all the data.


Temperature and pressure measurement is the basic function that is inarguably performed by all the manifold gauges. Aside from this, the Elitech gauge is an expert in the installation and maintenance of refrigeration systems.

All the calculations made on this device manifold gauge are automatic. Apart from the connectivity provided by the app, the Bluetooth option is also available.


  • 5 psi resolution

  • -17.8 to 60°C temperature range

  • Two clamp-on temperature sensors

  • 600-hour usage

  • Memory up to 7000 readings

  • ±5% FS

  • IP65 waterproof level



  • Works over 30m distance

  • Includes connectors

  • Offers free app


  • Fragile clamps



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Robinair 43166 Aluminum 4-Way Manifold Digital Gauge Set

Robinair Digital Gauge ManifoldNext on the list is a feature-rich gauge set from Robinair. When it comes to digital manifold gauges, Robinair has a class of its own. This class is due to Robinair’s supply of exceptional quality manifold gauges to the HVAC market.

This 4-way manifold is worth noticing and will surely find its way to your toolbox.

Aluminum body

The manifold is made of Aluminum. It is very light in weight and is a durable manifold. You can rely on it as a credible diagnostic tool for tough jobs as well.

They will work for up to 17 different refrigerant systems. The suspension hook is convenient and sturdy.


The design consists of three colored hoses in red, blue, and yellow. They have a quick seal fitting for a tighter fit. The hoses are not ordinary ones.

They are the special Enviro Guard hoses that are known for their flexibility. Enviro Guard hose also prevents the permeation of the refrigerant.

Also, there is a backlight with the gauges which helps reading more convenient. If you find it difficult to take readings in low light, then you are sorted with this one.


The low side gauge and the high side gauge are perfectly placed. Both have their separate pressure scale. The scale for the low side gauge is 30 inHg VAC to 250 PSIG.

On the other hand, the scale of the high side gauge is 0 to 800 PSIG. To choose among the various, temperature and pressure units, use the gauges.


  • Compatible with 17 systems
  • 3 different colored wires
  • Includes a backlight
  • Enviro Guard hoses



  • Sturdy hook
  • High-quality gauges
  • Convenient design


  • Higher price range

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MASTERCOOL 99961 Blue HVAC Digital Manifold and Data Logger

Mastercool Digital Gauge ManifoldEighth on the list is the mastercool digital manifold. For years, Mastercool has been a name of trust among the HVAC technicians. The high quality of exceptional performance of the Mastercool apparatus is the main reason for this.

Recording time

The most favorite feature of this digital manifold is that it stores 24 hours of data. Speaking of its multi-tasking, it can cope up with 15 jobs at a time.

The design is made of Aluminum and brass. The readings on the screen are clear and easy to read which many other manifold brands often ignore.

The clamp-on feature in the design of this manifold connects the Thermocouple to display the Superheat and sub-cool temperature.

Pressure adjustments

The temperature reading displays on the LED screen in various units. The manifold can go as high as 1000 psi (proof pressure) without any damage.

Speaking of connectivity, there is a ¼-inch M-Flare. The valve includes a 3/8-inch bore to enhance the flow.

Temperature adjustments

When it comes to temperature readings, the MASTERCOOL displays several pressure readings. These include the saturated temperature, actual temperature, superheat temperature, and sub-cool temperature.

All on the LCD screen of the manifold gauge. The storage temperature range is also adjustable. The operating temperature is 32 to 122 °F



  • 10 to 120° F storage temperature
  • 15 minutes auto shut down
  • 0 to 750 psi pressure range
  • Up to 1 psi sensing resolution
  • ±1° F temperature accuracy
  • ±1% sensing accuracy


  • Good battery life
  • Includes vacuum sensor cable
  • Display deep vacuum in various units


  • No Bluetooth


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DLG DI-517 Digital Manifold Gauge

DLG Digital Gauge ManifoldDLG is known for manufacturing quality manifold gauges. It especially focuses on refrigeration equipment. So, most of their manifolds are competent with cold systems. Similarly, this one is a few of the best digital refrigeration gauges in the market.

Two temperature probes

The overall design is simple and convenient. However, it comes with two temperature probes. These probes are aligned with quite ample length wires for your convenience.

The two temperature displays T1 and T2 display the readings on the digital scale. It can be used for checking both superheat and subcooling.


The DLG DI-517 manifold gauge will prove to be of great help in most of your conditioning jobs. This is due to its compatibility with a big number of systems. Yes, you heard it right. This manifold has stored profiles of 89 refrigerant systems.

Vacuum function

Firstly, you get to test the vacuum at zero pressure (relative vacuum). This is done to ensure the quality of evacuation.

Temperature can also be tested within a range I.e. -40 to 0° C. You can even switch to the Fahrenheit temperature unit. The same goes for pressure units as well.



  • Pressure test enabled
  • Easy to use
  • 32-bit digital processor
  • Large display
  • 3 pounds in weight



  • Cheap price
  • Portable
  • Provides recordings for pressure leak test


  • Not durable



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Yellow Jacket 46062 - Digital Series 41 Series Manifold

Yellow Jacket 41 Digital Gauge ManifoldThe series 41 of Yellow Jacket includes the digital manifolds that are a step ahead for all the air conditioning specialists. yeah, the analog ones from Yellow Jacket were also amazing, but with the modern demands of perfection, a digital manifold is a necessity.

So, last but not the least, I present you with the 46062-model manifold from Yellow Jacket.

Durable design

The said manifold is made of forged brass. It accounts for its amazing quality and durability. The design features two digital dials, hence it’s a two-valve manifold. The large hook in the middle makes it convenient for the technician.

Pressure adjustments

The Yellow Jacket manifold offers flexible pressure settings. The burst pressure is 4000 psi while the operating pressure is 800 psi. Also, you can adjust among the various units of pressure according to your preference.

All the assemblies, especially the hose assemblies are UL recognized. The sampling rate of approximately 1 second (maximum 1.2 seconds) is a feature of interest for many technicians.

Full porting

Thanks to full porting, the manifold has a maximum capacity. The use of full flow valves, standard quality gasket, and valve opener make the Yellow Jacket digital manifold a competent product in the market.

The only downside of it is the auto shut off within 10 minutes of inactivity. After the restart, all the data gets erased.



  • Operates in multiple pressure units
  • 7 to 800 psi pressure range
  • Works in two temperature units
  • 14 to 140°F temperature range
  • Zero pressure operation



  • Amazing battery life
  • Budget-friendly
  • Large hook included


  • Resets after 10 minutes of inactivity

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Digital Gauge Manifold Buying Guide

Now as I am done with the reviews, I would like to share a few points that you should keep in mind before buying a digital manifold gauge.

Certain factors are the bare minimum when it comes to owning a manifold. You should not compromise on these points as they are the ones at least every potential manifold you are considering, should have.


Preferably, a manifold gauge should have a brass or metal body (mainly Aluminum). These are the most durable ones. Since a gauge is a long-term investment, you don't want to compromise on the quality of your work, for just a few dollars.


In the market, eventually, the competition comes down to the number of refrigerant systems a manifold gauge is calibrated with. I may not be able to tell the ideal number as all manifolds differ in price and features.

However, do check whether it's calibrated with the industry's standards.

Additional HVAC functions

Some models of digital gauge manifold are also equipped with thermistors which, when connected properly, perform automatic calculation of superheating and sub-cooling.  If you perform these readings on a frequent basis then be sure to select a gauge manifold which is capable.

Suspension hook

This may seem trivial, but it is as important. A suspension hook eases the job at the workplace. So, don't go for manifolds without one.  Also, check for the quality of the hook as well. This will make HVAC service much easier when in the field.

Hose size

The recommended size for a hose is 60". Slight deviation for this can be accommodated. If you can not go for this size, go for the nearest option.

Sight glass

This one is not a must-have but is a plus point.  Having a sight glass on your manifold can add to ease of refrigerant charging and recovery.


Now, as we conclude our list of top 10 best digital gauge manifolds, I hope you are now well prepared to buy one. In the buying guide, I tried to include all the necessary points you should keep in mind.

In the list, I added a few potential best digital manifolds so that you only select from the best. By choosing any of the manifolds listed above, you’ll be going with a quality product made by quality manufacturers.