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Top 10 Best Vacuum pumps for HVAC

Vacuum pumps are an essential tool required for proper evacuation of HVAC and refrigeration systems.  It is absolutely vital that every technician have a fully functional and reliable vacuum pump to ensure that HVAC systems are clean and dry prior to adding refrigerant to the system.  

There are many different options on the market when it comes to HVAC vacuum pumps.  We've selected the top 10 best vacuum pumps for HVAC and broken them down to make your decision easier.  

APPION TEZ8 Two Stage Vacuum Pump 8CFM

Appion Tez8 Vacuum PumpFirst on the list is the TEZ 8 vacuum pump from APPION Tools. APPION tools have prioritized performance over the years but this product is undoubtedly their best one so far. Performance, quality, airflow, speak of anything, you won't be disappointed at all.

5-second oil change

The TEZ8 has remarkably low oil change duration. It's up to 5 seconds which makes the machine very convenient to use. Even if you are new to it, you won't face any major problem with oil changing.

Aside from duration, what's even worth noticing is that the oil change is entirely hassle-free. You don’t have to switch off the pump, open any inlets, etc. You will get done with the process without even breaking the vacuum in a matter of seconds.

Improved airflow

The two-stage Vacuum pump in the APPION TEZ8 provides an airflow of 8 CFM. The dual input allows for ½-inch and 3/8-inch inputs which is strongly preferred over the single input pump.

Enhanced evacuation

The oil you use decides the efficiency of evacuation. Also, the sight glass on the pump helps you keep an eye on the oil. From this, you can easily determine if the oil needs replacement or will work for a few more operations.

You can also look for any dirt or moisture in the oil, so the evacuation is not stalled or slowed at any point. This duty is also shared by the debris catch tube.



  • Fast operation
  • High-quality pump
  • Quick oil change
  • Non-hindered evacuation
  • Debris catch tube included


  • No oil leakage
  • Does not require gas ballast
  • Portable design


  • Slightly expensive

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Fieldpiece Vp85 Two Stage Vacuum Pump

Fieldpiece VP 85 Vacuum PumpLooking for a fast operating pump? The Vp85 by Fieldpiece is a perfect choice for professional HVAC technicians. The pump not only speaks for its quality but will also make you look like an expert and experienced technician.

Amazing performance

When it comes to evacuation, the performance of Vp85 is unbeatable. It is so strong and efficient; it feels like it is built exclusively for the professionals.

The pump features 4 ports on the front. It also features a gas ballast to keep a check the amount of air coming inside the vacuum.

Powerful vacuum function

The performance of a pump solely depends on the motor. Similarly, the pump of this Fieldpiece product features a ¾ HP motor.

This DC motor is very efficient and powerful, yet it is low on noise. Also, the vacuum function is powerful up to 15 microns.

Oil capacity and storage

The original oil capacity of this vacuum pump is up to ¼ turn. Also, the pump features a storage space where you can keep the extra oil bottles. It's hassle-free because there are no chances of an oil spill.

Above all, oil change or refill is also very simple. It takes less than 20 seconds and you can do this amidst the vacuuming process without any loss of pressure.

So, as an HVAC technician, if you give it a chance you will agree that Fieldpiece is one of the best vacuum pump brands.



  • Oil tank window
  • Wide oil inlet
  • Easy access
  • Well supported design
  • Mess-free oil change
  • Includes 4 ports


  • Includes LED indicator
  • Water-resistant
  • Fast oil change


  • Expensive

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JB Industries DV-285N Platinum 

JB DV-285N Platinum Vacuum PumpJB Industries is a name of trust in the market of vacuum pumps. It has manufactured high-quality vacuum pumps for years. They are widely used by the customers just like the DV-285 vacuum pump.

Oil capacity

Undoubtedly, the JB Industries vacuum pump has won at the oil capacity. It is 26 ounces which is a big plus point over the competitors.

It is a two-stage pump with a powerful capacitor of 1725 Rpm. However, you should always check for any trapped dirt or moisture in the oil tank if the evacuation slows down.

Strong evacuation

The pump belongs to the Platinum series by JB. It is known for its high-quality airflow i.e. 10 CFM. The vacuum functions up to 15 microns without any disturbance.

Even at such strong vacuuming, be confident because the motor won't burn. The system is thermally protected against exceptionally high temperatures.

Powerful motor

All the JB Industries platinum vacuum pump parts are efficiently aligned. Their combined function accounts for the pump's exceptional performance, especially the intake port.

Moreover, the 0.25 HP motor is efficient and powerful enough to perform the majority of commercial tasks. Its portability makes it a perfect pick for domestic tasks as well.



  • No oil backflow
  • Light in weight
  • Safety handle
  • 15-micron vacuum
  • Gas ballast for clean oil
  • Metal body


  • Durable
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Heat protected
  • No leakage due to safety cap


  • Slightly expensive

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CPS VP6D 2 Stage Vacuum Pump

CPS VP6D Vacuum PumpLooking for a portable option for the tough HVAC technician job? The fourth on the list will surely grab your attention for all the right reasons. It’s the VP6D vacuum pump from CPS.

Vacuum rating

The worth noticing feature is the record low vacuum rating of 10 microns. So, be confident about the quality of services you deliver as they critically depend on the degree of evacuation.

This CPS vacuum also features a gas ballast. Its valve quickens the buildup of vacuum and makes sure that it reaches the maximum.

Flexible voltage settings

The pump operates at two voltages. This is a great option since being an HVAC technician is a door-to-door job. You never know what you will be offered in a new place.

Although standard voltages work at most of the places but not at all places. So, CPS offers the dual voltage option i.e. the pump operates at a range of 110 to 120V and also 220V.

Port connections

In the CPS VP6D, there are multiple ports. It includes ¼-inch, 3/8-inch, and ½-inch ACME. The usage of a drain port is also very convenient.

Also, these ports are accurately capped, so the use and transport of the pump are clean and hassle-free.


  • Two-stage pump
  • 10-micron vacuum rating
  • Large oil sight glass
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Low maintenance
  • 6 CFM airflow


  • Value for money
  • Easy oil draining
  • Handle for a strong grip


  • A bit noisy operation

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Robinair (15310) VacuMaster Single Stage Vacuum Pump

Robinair VacuMaster Vacuum PumpNext on the list is a pump from Robinair. It’s the Robinair vacuum pump 15310 which is known for its small yet feature-rich design. It is a perfect choice for refrigeration and air conditioning recovery.

Aluminum body

This vacuum pump is built with Aluminum which accounts for its lightweight, easily portable design. The Aluminum fins in the center of the pump aid in heat dissipation and keep the system cool during intense operations.

Also, the pump has an oil capacity of 8.5 ounces.

Single-stage function

The single-stage pump of Robinair VacuMaster has a 0.25 HP engine. It has a single vane and comes with a convenient handle.

This is powerful enough for the majority of the small setting jobs since the size of this vacuum pump is not very big.

There is an oil drain valve as well which is angled to avoid a mess when you drain the oil out. So, this otherwise messy process will now be clean and convenient for you.

Maximum airflow

To regulate airflow, there’s an inlet fitting. It allows for 3 CFM displacement. It also ensures that there is no backflow of oil. Also, the inlet has a 75-micron rating. This is the filter element that regulates the quality of air.

Two inlet fittings are also provided: a 1/2-inch ACME inlet fitting and a ¼-inch flare. They maximize airflow. 



  • Good airflow
  • Includes a sight glass
  • Convenient oil replacement
  • Small body
  • High-quality performance
  • Aluminum design
  • Includes a handle


  • Non-skid feet
  • Includes a sight glass
  • Portable


  • Requires oil smoke filter for indoor use

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Yellow Jacket 93595 SuperEvac Vacuum Pump

Yellow Jacket 93595 SuperEvac Vacuum PumpSixth on the list is yet another high performing vacuum pump, this time from the renowned Yellow Jacket. It is their 93595 model and a worth considering option for professionals looking for exceptionally high airflow.

Amazing vacuum rating

When it comes to vacuum rating, many pumps lack the efficiency here but not the Yellow Jacket. It has a 15-micron rating that is one of the lowest on the list.

The pump also features a ¼-inch and ½-inch flare intake which have tethered caps.

Improved airflow

Speaking of the airflow, it has surpassed all the options on this list. It's a whopping 11 CFM of air displacement that this vacuum pump allows.

Also, there is a gas ballast valve to ensure the quality of the oil. On the other hand, the check valve ensures that there is no backflow of oil or any leakage during the operation.

Oil capacity

The 39 oz oil capacity is ample for a high-end vacuum pump to have, keeping in mind the heavy-duty jobs it has to perform.

Also, the oil drain has a plus point over all the ordinary pumps’ oil drain; it’s made of brass. Moreover, the drain has a wider mouth for convenient refilling.



  • Improved performance
  • Enhanced airflow quality
  • A wide-mouth oil reservoir
  • Oil sight glass
  • Stable design
  • Gas ballast valve


  • Includes SuperEvac pump bottle
  • Steel handle
  • Capped ports


  • High price range

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NAVAC NRP8Di Smart Vacuum Pump

NAVAC NRP8Di Smart Vacuum PumpAs the name speaks, the NAVAC NRP8Di is a smart choice for the smart and professional technician in you. NAVAC is one of the well-recognized industrial vacuum pump manufacturers.

Portable design

The lightweight design of the NAVAC NRP8Di vacuum pump is undoubtedly the highlight of its design. It is cordless, so carrying and operation, both are hassle-free.

Another highlight is the smart control. It assures that the vacuuming function continues once the preset vacuum value is reached.

It also features a digital display and a wireless refrigeration scale. So, you can conveniently say that this product is the future of the vacuum pumps.

High-quality parts

Surely, the main highlight of the design is the dual cylinder feature. This, in turn, means two vanes and two rotors for the perfectionists who want a deep evacuation up to 15 microns).

The solenoid valves ensure that there is no backflow of oil, so the system remains clean during and in between operations.


Smooth operation

The operation runs very smoothly. Thanks to the powerful motor that the system operates efficiently yet quietly.

The 8 CFM airflow accounts for the powerful evacuation. The vacuum is preserved for some time when the system runs out of power, so the pump works undisturbed.

One underrated feature is the alerting feature. Once the evacuation is complete, the system notifies the technician with a beep.



  • Dual-stage pump
  • Solenoid valve
  • 15-micron vacuum
  • One-touch operation
  • Digital display
  • 6 oz oil capacity


  • Powerful evacuation
  • Smart control
  • Preserves evacuation in power shortfall


  • High price range

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ZENY 3, Single-Stage Rotary Vane Economy Vacuum Pump

Zeny 3 Economy Vacuum PumpZENY is ranked among the top vacuum pump manufacturers in the USA. Surely, this is due to its all-rounder pumps which not only ace in quality and performance but also budget.

Do you also feel that the last option was still a bit too much for your budget? If yes, then this one will address all your concerns in as minimum price range as you could think of.

Metal alloy body

The body of the ZENY 3 vacuum pump is made of Aluminum alloy. This accounts for its lightweight and ease of carrying and transporting.

The body also includes a 1/4 -inch flare as an inlet port. There is also an exhaust port for your convenience.

Oil capacity

This pump is capable of an oil capacity of up to 320 ml. The operating motor is of direct drive type which reduces effort and maintenance. This adds to the efficiency of the motor.

However, the main highlight of this vacuum pump is its highly efficient capacitor. Also, the solenoid valve checks for oil backflow and prevents any air reflux.

Pressure adjustments

The vacuum rating is up to 5 Pa which is quite reasonable for a small vacuum pump like the ZENY 3. It is such a minor setup yet capable of performing sturdy tasks.

The 0.25 HP motor is powerful enough to drive them. The 3.5 CFM airflow is quite sufficient for this setting.



  • Exhaust port
  • Cheap price
  • 5 CFM airflow
  • 320 ml oil capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Low on noise


  • Capped exhaust port
  • Cushioned handle
  • Vacuum bottle included


  • Seldom oil leakage

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MASTERCOOL Single Stage Vacuum Pump 90066-B

Mastercool 90066-B Vacuum PumpTight on budget but still badly want a vacuum pump? Worry not as I have this sorted for you. The MASTERCOOL 90066-B Vacuum pump is not only budget-friendly but also feature-rich.

Moreover, if you are looking for the best vacuum pump for auto ac, then also, this option is no less than perfect.

Thermally protected motor

As the name of the brand suggests, MASTERCOOL has done ample research on heat withstanding ability of its motor. Even at an advanced operational level, the temperature remains in control.

The thermally stable motor is backed by a rocker switch and cooling fins which prolongs effective motor functioning. This system also features high volume fans. This entire system works together to make a competent cooling system.

Air displacement

The free air displacement offered by this vacuum pump is up to 6 CFM. However, this vacuum pump slightly lags when it comes to vacuum rating. It is 80 microns so the pressure would be average.

The 18 oz oil capacity, keeping in view the mall size of the vacuum pump, is quite commendable.

Powerful motor

The entire functioning of a vacuum pump depends on the power of the motor. MASTERCOOL 90066-B has a 1/3 HP motor that pumps at a speed of 1720 RPM. So, you never lack in any of your jobs.


  • Single-stage pump
  • Includes oil level sight glass
  • Light in weight
  • Internal check valve
  • Removable oil fill port
  • Thermally stable operation


  • Portable
  • Low oil level indicator
  • Easy oil draining


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty jobs

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KOZYVACU TA350 Single-Stage Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

Kozyvacu TA350 Vacuum PumpI tried my best to cover the top 10 vacuum pump manufacturers in the world. On this list, last but not least, is the KOZYVACU Vacuum pump. If you are looking for a low budget option, I bet this one will end all your concerns, for once and for all.

Versatile functioning

The KOZYVACU TA350 vacuum pump is single-handedly capable of as many tasks as you can think. Apart from AC refrigeration, it works efficiently for food processing, especially milking.

It has also been successfully used in wine degassing and the field of medicine. Thanks to the 3.5 CFM free air displacement.

Oil capacity

The pump can accommodate 280 ml of oil at a time. However, the real highlight is the oil fill port because of its easy accessibility.

You can use it from the front or either side as it is located at a convenient spot. So, oil changing and refilling have become a lot easier.

Thermal stability

When it comes down to cooling function, the high-volume fan of this KOZYVACU vacuum pump cools the system single-handedly. It is efficient in function and can run for long hours as well.

The motor works at ¼ HP for a vacuum rating of 150 microns. All this is offered in the same low budget as the last option.


  • Single-stage
  • Angled drain valve
  • Accessible oil port
  • Thermally protected
  • Dual inlet ports
  • Clear oil window


  • Durable motor
  • Low maintenance
  • Budget-friendly


  • No check valves

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Buying guide

By now, you might be thinking of what aspects to look for in a potential vacuum pump? (in case, you are looking for a pump, not in this article) Let me share a comprehensive buying guide with you then.

It’s a gift to you for being a loyal reader who has made it till here! So, these are a few points to keep in mind before buying a vacuum pump.

Evacuation Power

Time is money.  Its very important to choose a vacuum pump that is capable of meeting your needs in a reasonable time frame.  Technicians need a machine capable of reaching a low micron vacuum in as little time as possible.  Many HVAC and Refrigeration manufacturers have installation standards that require a specific micron level is met prior to charging.  Be sure to select a vacuum pump that is capable of meeting these expectations.  Its important to also use a reliable micron gauge to ensure that a proper vacuum is reached.


We've all been there.....Pulling a vacuum and just about at our desired micron level, and power is lost.  This is when you'll be glad that your vacuum pump is equipped with in internal check valve.  Without the check valve, your back at ground zero with much time wasted and additional moisture pulled into the system.

Vacuum pump oil consumption

Technicians can put a lot of wear and tear on their equipment.  Vacuum pumps rely on lubrication to maintain efficiency and efficacy.  Choosing a vacuum pump that offers speedy oil changes and lower amounts of oil will result in lower maintenance costs throughout the life of the vacuum pump.

Chemical compatibility

Make sure you check that which gases you can safely run through the vacuum pump. Also, ask about the risks associated with dangerous gases such as Ammonia, etc.


Last but not the least; this is as important as the other factors. I recommend you keep a mid-range if looking for a 20+ year investment. There are vacuum pumps as low as $60 and as high as  $1100 plus.

So, it's totally up to you and your usage.


Now, I have reached the end of this article. I expect that this article was helpful to you in in providing insights of what to look for in a vacuum pump.

The HVAC vacuum pumps are more versatile and due to their wide usage, you should do double research before buying them. For this purpose, I compiled this guide of the top 10 best vacuum pumps for HVAC.