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Top 10 Best Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detectors

If your reading this, I’m sure you already know that electronic refrigerant leak detectors are used to find leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems.  Technicians rely of these leak detectors to quickly identify refrigerant leaks so that appropriate actions can be taken.

There are a variety of leak detectors available for the HVAC and refrigeration market. The electronic leak detectors are the best form of leak detection because they are highly efficient and easy to use.  They are often capable of detecting very small leaks which would be missed by other means of leak detection.

Most importantly, they are safe and easily available. After thorough research, I have listed down ten best electronic detectors you can get at reasonable prices.

10 Best Electronic Leak Detectors:

Have you ever wondered what types of detectors are there? How to select a suitable sensor?

Worry no more! I have got you covered. The detailed reviews of some of the best refrigerant leak detectors available are given below.

It would be best if you never bought something without checking its specifications and features. Hence all the important and required information about these detectors is highlighted below. This will help you in choosing an electronic detector within your budget.

Fieldpiece SRL2(K7) Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector


Fieldpiece Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorFieldpiece Instruments is a popular manufacturer of professional-grade tools for the HVACR industry. It is the only company solely dedicated to creating tools for solving real-world industry problems.

Powerful Battery

The 8-hour battery life allows you to work all day long without recharging. The detector comes with an included vehicle and wall charger, which helps you with overtime.

Infra-red sensing element

The advantage of using infra-red rays to detect leaks is that it triggers all kinds of refrigerants, unlike other heating elements. It also increases the life of the detector and provides better sensitivity.

Turbo mode

This helps to detect even the smallest leaks in all kinds of close, hard to reach areas. This also increases overall efficiency of the detector.


  • Easy to handle
  • High-quality sensors
  • Detects majority of readily used refrigerants
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Light-weighted


  • Expensive
  • Limited warranty


  • Durable and tough blow-molded case
  • Sealed sensor
  • Warm-up time is less than 30 seconds
  • Registers changes even in contaminated environments


  • Imported from the USA
  • Automatic re-calibration in saturated areas
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery
  • Protection case

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Testo 316-3 (0563 3163) Refrigerant Leak Detector


Testo Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorTesto is a German company that deals in electronic measuring instruments and detectors. Their 316-3 refrigerant leak detector comes in a handheld kit and detects leaks even in the smallest areas.

Automatic zero setting

This feature requires no setting or work to be done beforehand. It sets up the detector automatically when used. This makes it extremely fast and very simple to use. This detector can also be used in previously contaminated places.

Head transport case

This makes the detector extremely safe and reliable to use. Its rugged housing provides a firm grip to the customers and makes the detector easily portable.

High battery life

This detector can work continuously for 16 hours non stop. This permanent operation without any need of recharging makes it highly preferable by full time technicians.


  • Easy to handle
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Easy one button operation
  • Inexpensive
  • Extremely fast


  • Heavy weighted
  • Limited warranty


  • Patented heated diode sensor
  • LED indicator
  • Audible alarm
  • Calibration certificate
  • Filters
  • Can also be used on blends


  • 2 x D battery type
  • High and low sensitivity adjustments
  • Dependable delivery
  • Includes a carry case

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69354 AccuProbe (yellow jacket) II Leak Detector


Yellow Jacket Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorYellow jacket 69354 leak detector is one of the bests available in the market. It is manufactured in the USA. Its new, robust, and improved design makes it easy to use in close, congested areas, and its ultra-sensitive sensor detects a wide range of refrigerants.

Digital smart alarm LED display

Unlike traditional bar graph displays, this highly developed and unique digital display indicates leak size. It doesn’t require customers to decide whether to repair a leak or not rather measures the depth of the leak on a scale of 1 to 9 independent of both the audio alarm and sensitivity level. 

Ultra-sensitive sensor

This new feature allows it to detect even the most difficult refrigerants, such as

R-134a, R-404A, R-407C, R-410A and 1234yf.

Electrolyte sensor

The exclusive solid electrolyte sensor technology reduces heat and gives the sensor a longer life than traditional heated anode or heated diode detectors.


  • Easy to use
  • Light-weighted
  • High sensor life
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Minimal cleaning and adjustment required


  • Limited sensor warranty
  • Low battery life


  • Replaceable filters
  • Warms up in less than 20 seconds
  • Automatic calibration
  • 6 hours of continuous battery life
  • 17 inch probe


  • Weighs 1.5 lbs
  • 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • The sensitivity of 0.06 oz/year
  • Safe and reliable sensor; not poisoned by a high amount of refrigerant
  • Electronic circuitry
  • Three selectable sensitivity settings

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Bacharach 19-8106 Tru Pointe Refrigerant Leak Detector

Bacharach Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorBacharach provides handheld portable leak detectors to fit any need. They make HVAC-R safer, cleaner, and more efficient through their line of combustion/emissions analysis instruments and refrigerant leak detectors.

Their true pointe 19-8106 detector is an efficient, portable instrument that pinpoints the location of a refrigerant leak in a quick time span.

Patented heat diode sensor

Detects all CFC, HFC, and HCFC refrigerants, including but not limited to: R-12, R-22, R-134a, R-404A, R-410A, R-502 and R-507.

It offers two sensitivity modes to adapt to a variety of applications and refrigerants. It also includes an auto-zeroing feature, which allows for finding leaks in backgrounds where target gas is present.

Long, flexible probe

It has a long flexible probe that provides a good grip and makes the detector easy to use. It detects a leak in far-fetched, hard to reach areas, and gives extraordinary sensor usage up to 1 year with 8+ hours of battery life.

User manual

This detector comes with a user manual which makes it extremely easy for customers to know how it is operated.


  • Easy to handle
  • High battery life
  • Negligible warm up time
  • Instantaneous response
  • High sensitivity


  • Limited one year warranty
  • Heavy weighted


  • Red LED visual display
  • The sensitivity of 0.5 oz/year
  • Automatic background adjustment
  • Run time of 11 hours in high sensitivity mode
  • Run time of 20 hours in low sensitivity mode
  • Low battery indication
  • 14 inch probe


  • 2 D batteries
  • Weighs 2.95 pounds
  • Includes both high and low sensitivity adjustments
  • The audible indication also provided
  • Can operate at any temperature between 0-50 degree centigrade
  • Operates at 1 ATM

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CPS LS2 Leak Seeker 2 Refrigerant Leak Detector


CPS Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorCPS Products is a business service handled by technicians. It trades in the world’s most comprehensive range of Leak Detection technologies, Smart Diagnostic tools, and proven Maintenance Solutions.

CPS products are highly popular and widely used across the globe.

Microprocessor controlled

This unique feature makes this detector highly sensitive. It also increases accuracy by reducing false alarms and resisting contamination. It makes the leak easy and quick to pinpoint.

Bar graph display with eight high intensity LEDs

This makes the reading quick to read and clearly visible. The bar graph shows levels of leaks and gives an accurate representation to the customers.

Variable levels of sensitivity

This detector has 56 levels of sensitivity which can be changed by automatic power shifter. This significantly improves the overall performance of the detector.


  • Easy to control
  • Reliable
  • Fully automated
  • Exceptional sensitivity
  • Optimal leak finding performance
  • Long lasting battery


  • Weighs up to 500g
  • Expensive


  • Metal sensors with water vapor filters to reduce false alarms
  • High operating temperature
  • Low battery indicator
  • Increased battery life > 50 hours continuous
  • Replaceable sensors


  • Auto-off after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Patented EMOS detection technology
  • High sensor life > 500 hours continuous
  • High output alarm speaker
  • Visual tachometer-like bar graph display

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Elitech ILD-300 Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detector


Elitech Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorAs a leading manufacturer of temperature and humidity monitoring products, Elitech detectors are widely imported and used across the world.

Quick Response Time

This detector responds within one second. It triggers R22, R410A, R404a, and R134A. It also triggers all halogenated refrigerants such as HCFCs, HFCs, CFCs and blends.

Variable sensitivity levels

It allows you to measure sensitivity at all high, medium, and low levels, with a maximum sensitivity at 0.14oz/year.

Infrared sensor

This new innovation helps to detect all kinds of leaks and has a longer life. It can last up to 1000 hours and makes the detector more durable.


  • Safe to use
  • Long-lasting sensors
  • Highly reliable
  • Greater battery life
  • Highest sensitivity
  • Three years warranty


  • Sensors constant move


  • Peak function to mark maximum leakage
  • Refrigerants selectable for professionals
  • Free return and exchange within three months


  • Alerts the user both visually and via an audio alarm
  • The sensor does not respond to oil or moisture, hence allows you to find leaks precisely
  • Detects all kinds of halogenated gases, blends as well as cleaning agents
  • Also used in high voltage circuit breakers


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Robinair LD7 Premium Refrigerant Leak Detector


Robinair Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorRobinair deals in all kinds of automotive and HVAC/R air conditioning (A/C) refrigerant recovery, recycling, and recharge tools, equipment, and accessories. Their LD7 premium detector is known for its unique features.

Sweep Mode Function

This new function uses a line graph to detect the level of refrigerant in the air and trace the position of the leak source. It also allows for automatic calibration.

High intensity LED inspection light

The LED light uses UV dye to detect small leaks, and inspection light enables the detector to work well in the dark. This specific feature enhances the overall performance of the detectors at all times of the day.

Audio mute function

This feature makes the detector more efficient and user friendly as when leak is detected a loud, high pitched sound is heard. If the customer wants, this button can also be unmuted.


  • Easy to use
  • Less warm up time
  • High sensitivity
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • Long-life sensor
  • User-friendly message screen


  • Limited two years warranty
  • Low battery life


  • Unique, colored digital LCD screen
  • Three adjustable sensitivity levels
  • True mechanical pump
  • 17-inch probe


  • LED visual probe
  • Stable sensor
  • Quick response time
  • Weighs 1.5 lbs
  • Warms up within 20 seconds
  • Imported from the USA

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Inficon Compass, Refrigerant Leak Detector, 717-202-G1


Inficon Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorINFICON is a company involved in the development, manufacture, and supply of instruments, sensor technology, and process control software for the semiconductor and vacuum coating industries.

Heated diode sensor technology

This new and innovative technology provides greater sensitivity to all refrigerants and resists the sensor from detecting any sort of contamination, such as first, oil, water, etc.

Rubberized grip

The unique design with a rubberized grip makes the probe easy to handle. It can also be easily charged with the help of car and wall chargers.

Portable chargers

This detector comes with a portable AC wall charger and DC car charger. This makes it easy to use for long working hours and user friendly.


  • Spare filters
  • Instruction manual
  • case protection
  • Instruction manual


  • Limited two year warranty
  • The heated diode can only detect certain refrigerants


  • Can be operated while charging
  • The sensitivity of 0.15 oz/year
  • Automatic background adjustment
  • Includes headphone
  • Low battery indicator
  • LED screen to show leak size
  • Rubber coated flexible metal probe


  • Operated on NiMH battery
  • Has a lighter plug
  • Protected in a hard, plastic case
  • Includes both high and low sensitivity adjustments


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Klein Tools ET120 Gas Leak Detector

Klein Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorThis detector is a perfect choice for refrigerant technicians. It is portable, easy to use, and highly efficient. It is easy to use a tester that provides both visual and audible alarm in the presence of a variety of hydrocarbons.

Flexible gooseneck

This enables the sensor to reach in all kinds of close and deep areas and also provides extra support. It detects combustible gases at a concentration of as low as 50 ppm.

Over molded body

This gives extra protection to the detector and makes it easy to use for the technicians. It also makes the detector more durable and long-lasting.

Visual notifications

This detector shows levels of leak and notifies its users visually. This feature attracts a lot of customers.


  • Greater battery life
  • Increased visual indication
  • Vast detection range
  • Comfortable grip
  • Includes instruction manual
  • Light-weighted


  • Limited warranty


  • Auto power off after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Automatic zero point calibration
  • Includes a storage pouch
  • Five red LEDs
  • 85 decibels audible alerts


  • Four alkaline AAAA batteries
  • Two levels of sensitivity
  • The detection range of 50 to 10000 ppm
  • Weighs 3.8 grams



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MASTERCOOL 56200 Blue Raptor Refrigerant Leak Detector


Mastercool Electronic Refrigerant Leak DetectorMastercool is one of the leading companies which deals in air conditioners, service tools, detectors, equipment, etc. Their raptor refrigerant leak detector with blue UV light offers high sensitivity and unique features.

Six levels of sensitivity

It has six levels of sensitivity adjustments and 15 levels of detection. This provides exceptional performance and detects leaks to a high accuracy level from all hard to reach areas.

Micro processing technology

The digital signal micro processing technology provides extremely quick responses. This new feature exceeds all expectations when it comes to detectors producing instantaneous responses.

Flexible 16 inch probe

This long neck probe detects even the tiniest leaks in congested areas and makes sure the appliance is repaired properly.


  • Highest sensitivity
  • Attractive color
  • Unique design
  • Excellent features
  • Very fast
  • Extremely reliable


  • Heavy weighted


  • Mute function
  • Keypad control
  • Blue LED light
  • Variable frequency alarm
  • Reset function
  • Shows leak level


  • Battery test function
  • 2 C batteries
  • Detects smallest leaks up to 0.1 oz/year
  • Sensitivity level adjustment

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Refrigerant Leak Detector Buying Guide


Refrigerant leak detectors are an important tool for all technicians. They make their work easy and efficient, unlike old times when traditional methods, such as bubble soap, were used to detect leaks.

Refrigerant leaks happen all the time. It’s very important that technicians are prepared with the right tools to quickly and effectively make necessary repairs to keep equipment functioning properly. Hence, we need technicians to detect the leak and repair it.

Electronic leak detectors are expensive to buy; thus, you must consider each feature meticulously before investing in them.

The buying guide written below will assist you in reviewing features while buying electronic leak detectors.

Sensitivity: This is the most important thing to consider when it comes to buying refrigerant leak detectors. You can only repair a leak if you have detected it; hence always go for detectors that have an option of selecting different sensitivity modes.

Most of the best detectors available in the market have low and high sensitivity settings, which can detect even the smallest of the leaks in hard to reach, congested places.

Battery: Nowadays, a lot of detectors come with a battery already included so that it is easy to use and handle. It is essential to look at the battery type and life before buying a detector because you will have to charge it in case it runs out during work.

High quality batteries have a greater life, and some detectors also come with a portable car or wall chargers, so work is not disrupted.

Sensor life: Different types of detectors are powered with different sensors. These sensors are the most important component of a refrigerant leak detector. Hence it is essential to check the sensor life and warranty given before choosing a detector.

The majority of the sensors have a life of 100 to 200 hours and up to 2 years warranty. Some detectors also come with replaceable sensors, so you don’t have to buy another one again and again.

Some high-quality sensors also have ratings in years. You should always go through reviews of different detectors and buy the one according to your use and requirements.


Leak detection methods have been evolved greatly from earlier times of halide torches and soap bubbles. Electronic leak detectors have become an essential part of all technicians’ kits. In order to keep your air conditioners and refrigerants up to the mark, it is important that you get them checked for leaks once or twice a year or at least after a seasonal period.

The above guide and reviews will help you to buy an effective leak detector for your HVAC and refrigeration needs. I have explained every detail as accurately as possible in this article to give you a detailed and honest idea about the best ones available in the market, along with additional information about their manufacturers.

You just need to go through the points thoroughly, and I am sure this article will be very helpful to you while buying an electronic leak detector for your homes.